April 2017

Open Volunteer Evening

We would like to invite members, parents and indeed the wider community to come along to an open volunteer evening to hear what the club is planning and how you can get involved.

When: Thursday 27th April at 6.45pm

Where: Wooden Gym, Grangemouth Stadium , Kersiebank Ave, Grangemouth, FK3 0EE

We will have a short power point presentation followed by a Q&A session. Shona Malcolm (Scottishathletics) will also be in attendance to briefly discuss Officiating at events.

Club Records

Please follow the links below to view our club records

Men’s Club Records (Indoor)

Women’s Club Records (Indoor)

Men’s Club Records (Outdoor)

Women’s Club Records (Outdoor)

Criteria for claiming a club record

  • Fully paid member at time of event

Performances at any of the following can be considered

  • Competing for FVH (or any composite) in a league match.
  • District or National events entered as FVH.
  • When on International selection.
  • OGM's, or similar, when entered as FVH
The following performances CAN'T be considered
  • When competing for school or university or any other association
  • If you are a second claim member then only performances when competing for FVH can be considered.

If you wish to claim a club record then please use this form