Club Impact 1 - tips on keeping safe

Please follow the latest advice on hygiene such as hand washing, social distancing and self isolating........ We know some folk have already adopted a system where they wash their hands when they enter their home. Some people have also adopted wiping down door handles, car steering wheels and controls. There are also things like mobile phones, tablets and keyboards to consider - there is plenty of guides online how to do these. So just give it a bit of thought  to suit your own needs

Of course anti-bacterial sprays will be in short supply, but nature (to a limited extent) has its own methods as well such as diluted lemon juice or Tea Tree products......... just do a bit of research, and always test on small areas first.

It is vital athletes (indeed all) keep a decent level of fitness during this shutdown, but of course in a safe manner so we will be covering this in our next update in a day or so.