Club Impact 2 - Self Training

It is vital that athletes stay fit during this period to enable them to pick up where we left of before the shutdown, plus it helps with  mental health as well. This of course will have to be by self training and obeying all other guidelines. There are some tips below on how to do this, but first.

  • Train safely - keep a safe distance from others.
  • DO NOT train if you have symptoms of any virus.
  • If you have had any virus ease yourself back into self training gradually.
  • Don't try exercise's that you are unsure of.
  • Always warm up before and cool down afterwards
  • Don't overdo things

Self Training: 

For most of our older athletes (roughly U17 upwards) most coaches already share their training diaries directly with the athletes, so simply follow your plan and watch for any adjustments. 

For all others they can use these   Athletics Weekly have posted this  and many athletes, including our our Victoria Anestik,  have been posting their ideas on  There are plenty of general keep fit workouts from various online sources.

Try and have some fun with your sessions - get your club kit on, and challenge others who are able to join in - at their own level of course, and remember KEEP A SAFE DISTANCE

Coaches may also be using various communications tools to be in direct contact with their groups offering further advice and support. This may take time for them to set it up, but aren't receiving anything from your coach after Monday 30th March then please complete this short form and we look into it. Likewise use the form if you come across any good tips and we will share them.


Our team are updating the events calendar but I am sure you will appreciate this changes hourly. Some are being canceled with no change of alternate dates being found, where those showing postponed are hopeful of alternate dates

Further articles on club impact are planned for this week including what we can do for each other and the wider community along with how we need to keep club admin functioning.