Club Impact 3 - Helping each other, the club & the wider community

Supporting each other is going to be vital in the weeks ahead and many will also want to support the wider community as well. It is very important that if you answer any call for help that you  follow all the guidelines and consider the impact it may have on yourself.

Helping fellow members: If any members need help please send a message to our facebook team or email the club with what you need and we will try and get that help to you from other members.

How to help the club. The committee are holding virtual meetings to ensure the club continues to function, it is important that as soon as this is over we are ready to resume all activities immediately, so the following are all vital in doing so.

  • Membership Renewals: Those members still to renew are being asked to do so electronically - further info will be in the next article plus an email wil be sent to those concerned.
  • Scottish Athletics Membership Renewals: When we resume athletes must have a in date SA membership to compete so if you get notification to renew from them please do so asap.
  • Stay Fit: Please see the article on our home page on self training - further tips will follow
  • Assistance: We have completely revamped our volunteering section so it would be great way to while away some time by looking over all the role descriptors and other volunteering info. Please visit our volunteering section and follow the links on any role descriptor to notify us of your interest.
  • Online Shopping: More of us will be relying on online shopping, if you do so you can raise funds for the club at no extra cost to yourself. Simply register with /  Then every time you shop go via their website to do so and select Falkirk Victoria Harriers as your cause.

Helping the wider community: 

  • We have registered with a forum for  local organisations where we can respond to requests for help from other organisations. The forum will be monitored and any relevant requests for helping our wider community will go out on our social media platforms - probably twitter.
  • Additionally, individuals who wish to  help the wider community can also sign up to do so via this link  This is managed centrally within Falkirk and not by the club. As mentioned please consider any impact upon yourself and your family

    So far we have published articles on staying safe and keeping fit, which are still on the homepage. We will issue further articles on club impact soon, including membership renewal. In the meantime please remember to stay safe and follow all current guidelines