Club Impact 4 - membership renewals

To ensure the club continues to function the committee are holding their meetings via Skype and they have discussed various options for collecting the remaining membership renewals. It is vital that we get these up to date to ensure all are able to get back to training and competing promptly when this passes.  Obviously this will now have to be electronically and we have devised a payment by installment option as well for any struggling financially. Additionally the renewal deadline has been extended to April 30th

Renewal Options

  1. The preferred option is to renew via Love Admin, but unfortunately they are currently having technical issues. Once these are resolved a fresh email will come out to all members still to renew with directions on how to do so. PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PAY BEFORE YOU RECEIVE THIS EMAIL - our website will be updated when the mail is sent.
  2. If any wish to use the installment option this will have to be by BACS.  So please use the club contact form and our treasurer Caroline will be able to provide the details directly to you. PLEASE NOTE THIS OPTION IS FOR INSTALLMENTS ONLY for any who are struggling financially.  As monitoring it is very labour intensive please only use it as intended

Coach Countersignature: For those aged under 16 we normally ask the coach to countersign the form, but this will now be gathered electronically as well.  Note if a coach approval is needed the application is not complete until we get their approval.

The club have issued various impact articles online including how to stay safe, self training and helping, so please take a moment to have a look. Your assistance will be vital when we do get back to normality so please look over the revamped volunteer section of our website to see what areas we need your help with

We will update the website with any other info our members may find useful, but please stay safe and follow all guidelines