FVH Exit Strategy

As per our earlier article the committee have now met and considerd the best way to progress based on current guidance, please see the exit strategy via the link below which the committee have adopted. The document also includes links to the relevant guidance from scottishathletics for both coaches and athletes.  Please follow these links to make yourself familiar with these. Parents of members under age 18 should also be aware of content in BOTH these documents and explain it clearly to their children where required

Important Notes

  • The exit strategy is 'live' and will be updated when current info changes, or more info is released. It includes a 'last edit date' as a reference point so please check frequently for updates.
  • It only shows Phase one just now and Phase Two will be added as soon as possible
  • If any coach/athlete who is permitted to resume but still feels that is not right to do so, then that will be respected.
  • Harry Baird has been tasked with guiding us through this and will happily do his best to answer questions - fvhcto@hotmail.com 
  • Please inform Harry if any member is unable to resume due to either their own health issues, health issues of a household member or if you don't think the time is right to resume.
  • For those resuming training please inform Harry if you develop Covid symptoms and of course first follow the NHS guidance - this is vital to help in any Track & Trace issues
  • If your coach wishes to resume at this stage they will be in touch to make training arrangements -please note it is open spaces training only at this stage and there will be no toilet facilities etc
  • Numbers will be very small at first and it is impossible for coaches to reach everyone, but numbers will increase through time. There is now an online Assistant Coaching Course for anyone interested in taking up coaching. In short, the more coaches we have the quicker we can get everyone back. Please let Harry know if you are interested and he will talk it over with you.
  • For those not invited to training initially it is vital to maintain their fitness levels more info here
  • Our Pathway group can only resume based on our guidance in partnership with that from FCT.

Finally, could we ask that if anyone has training in Mental Health (including Mental Health First Aid) that they make contact with Harry

Exit Strategy