June Updates - Club Records, T&F Champs, Team Selection, Event Specific, National Champs, GAA

Club Records have now been updated following recent fine performances with congratulations to the following Olivia Varielle (U20 400m indoors).While on the outdoors new records have been set by Lorna Brown (Masters Shot) Victoria Anestik (U13 Jav) Rosie Sharples (U17 Shot) Kane Elliott (U20 1500m) The full club records can be viewed here - if you have a claim for one please read the criteria then use the electronic form if you meet it. Thanks goes to Willie Day for his diligence in identifying performances.

Club T&F Champs will take place on August 25th at Grangemouth - more details in due course, but save the date!

Athlete Availability Forms for the second part of the T&F season have been emailed to members (please check your spam folder) and posted online.  All athletes between U11 and U20 are asked to complete these.

Team Selection and Admin is a very time consuming process. Teams and event information are emailed out (again check your junk folder) and posted online  Athletes and parents are asked to assist by replying in a timely manner.

Event Specific Series. The latest results are now available but here is brief an explanation into how it works

  • Clubs are categorised by membership size. FVH are in Band B and compete against other clubs within the size band.
  • Fixtures are set by scottishathletics
  • Each athletes performance in these fixtures are converted into points for their club and for individuals, then various league tables are produced.
  • Best Performing Club - Every athlete who takes part at any pre-set fixture scores club points based on their performance - the more athletes entered the more points are scored! FVH are in 4th place
  • Best Overall Club - The highest 15 male and 15 female points are totaled (max of three per athlete) FVH are in 3rd place
  • There are also leagues per event - Sprints, Jumps, Throws, Endurance.......
  • Then there are individual athlete rankings per age group/gender 

This is a good alternative to league meetings with athletes entering their preferred events, getting some very good competition and score club and individual points. Athletes enter events themselves into these events  - no team selection. For further more detailed explanation, view all the leagues and upcoming events please see here

National Championships for the various age groups will commence soon with entries now open for most, it is up to atheltes to enter these events individually via Scottishathletics website or via the links on our upcoming events at the foot of our homepage.

Glasgow Athletics Association are providing a series of event specific summer camps during the holidays with some top coaches giving clinics on events, more info is here