National Virtual Superteams

Scottish Athletics National Virtual Superteams. This event has two sides to it, so it is for all ages

What is it about?

  • It has four different events
  • Each event is held over a different week to include coaching, practice and one scoring attempt
  • You can practice as much as you want for each event during that week, but only submit one scoring performance before the weekly deadline.
  • The weekly scores will then be submitted to scottishathletics by the club to put towards the National Superteams Leaderboard
  • National Superteams Athletes will form teams of 4 and their performance will be totalled and be shown on the leaderboard. Unlimited number of teams can be entered (within DOB’s)
  • All other ages will be in the Club Leaderboard
  • We will issue short coaching videos and instructions each week to explain the event, what you need to do and info on how to do this observing the current guidelines.


  • Week 1 (May 18th to 24th) 75m Shuttle run
  • Week 2 (May 25th to 31st) Target Throw
  • Week 3 (June 1st to June 7th) Standing Long Jump.
  • Week 4 (June 8th to June 14th) 800m

Who can take part? Any club member can take part,

  • only these born between 1/9/2008 and 14/6/2011 can take part in the Superteams National Leaderboard element
  • all other ages will be included in the Club Leaderboard, which will be by age group/gender.

So, there is something here for U11’s all the way to Masters!

All those taking part must have a valid Club Membership and a valid Scottish Athletics Membership (on 14/6/2020)

How do I enter? Please fill out this form by Tuesday 19th (especially if you wish to be in the National Comp)

We will need help to run all this scoring, sending results, coaching……. So, if you can help please say so in the entry form.

We are working on a coaching video, event instructions and result submission for week one, so watch our Facebook page and your email inbox.