Summer Track and Feild

With the League T&F season fast approaching and after consultation with parents, members, coaches and coordinators here are details of some changes around how we select teams and communicate same.

  • Athlete availability for Juniors should have been submitted, if not please see here and complete same. 
  • For the Forth Valley  and Central and Southern Scotland (Junior) leagues a selector will now pick both teams based on returned availability forms and current paid membership list..
  • The Upper YDL, CSSAL (Senior) Mens League and Womens League will be selected by the coordinators
  • Teams will be first circulated to coaches for comment, then to parents/members - it is vital we get a reply in a timely manner
  • Teams will be posted online (social media will be used to communicate when this happens)
  • Fixtures are now posted online (scroll to bottom of home page and select 'upcoming events')
  • When you click on any fixture it expands to further info - map to venue, timetable.......
  • You then have the option to save that fixture with your own calender
  • Fixtures where athletes enter themselves (OGM's, District/National and GP events) are also on the same calender.
  • If you follow our twitter feed you should get notifications of these events when entries open
  • Remember you need to have a current membership and you should compete in a club vest