March 2020

Club Impact 4 - membership renewals

To ensure the club continues to function the committee are holding their meetings via Skype and they have discussed various options for collecting the remaining membership renewals. It is vital that we get these up to date to ensure all are able to get back to training and competing promptly when this passes.  Obviously this will now have to be electronically and we have devised a payment by installment option as well for any struggling financially. Additionally the renewal deadline has been extended to April 30th

Renewal Options

Club Impact 3 - Helping each other, the club & the wider community

Supporting each other is going to be vital in the weeks ahead and many will also want to support the wider community as well. It is very important that if you answer any call for help that you  follow all the guidelines and consider the impact it may have on yourself.

Helping fellow members: If any members need help please send a message to our facebook team or email the club with what you need and we will try and get that help to you from other members.

Club Impact 2 - Self Training

It is vital that athletes stay fit during this period to enable them to pick up where we left of before the shutdown, plus it helps with  mental health as well. This of course will have to be by self training and obeying all other guidelines. There are some tips below on how to do this, but first.

Club Impact 1 - tips on keeping safe

Please follow the latest advice on hygiene such as hand washing, social distancing and self isolating........ We know some folk have already adopted a system where they wash their hands when they enter their home. Some people have also adopted wiping down door handles, car steering wheels and controls. There are also things like mobile phones, tablets and keyboards to consider - there is plenty of guides online how to do these. So just give it a bit of thought  to suit your own needs

Club Impact

We know members will have lots of questions on the impact the current situation will have on the club. We are working hard behind the scenes to keep our members updated on all club matters and will publish frequent articles over the next week or so via the website covering things such as.